About Us

Vidyabharti College - 

India has abundant natural resources and man power which remained untapped for want of Expert Computer Professionals & Managerial Expertise. During the last few decades there has been some advancement in Computer & Managerial know-how in the country, raising the hopes of the country to occupy a Prestigious place in the Nations & Abroad as well. 

With this philosophy in mind, Vidyabharti Vikas Sanstha, Wardha has established Vidyabharti College, at Seloo (near Wardha) to provide Advanced Education and Training in various areas of Computer Management and Administration. The college caters to the educational needs of a wide range of students, especially those belonging to low socio-economic groups.  Vidyabharti is geared specially to provide High Quality Education adopting the Latest Techniques and Methodology for curriculum transaction and is poised to develop into an institute of Higher Learning and Quality Education Place. 

Vision of VBS

The vision of the College is "Let the quality learning percolate down to the community". The institute intends to provide Knowledge and Education under institutes core values. To effect a harmonious development of the Physical, intellectual, moral and emotional life of students to enable them to face the challenge of life in a progressively competitive society.

Mission of VBS

To foster a unique intellectual environment where the youth not only imbibe Knowledge but also cultivates the right interests, attitudes and values.  

To promote a sense of responsibility towards society by inculcating a philosophy of Life based on love, compassion and understanding.