Vidyabharti Sanstha's, Wardha

Dr. R. G. Bhoyar Arts, Comm. & Sci. College, Seloo (Vidyabharti College)

Accredited 'B+' Grade by NAAC

(Recognized by UGC, New Delhi under section 2(f) & 12(B) as per Act 1956)

Approved by Govt. of Maharashtra Affiliated to R. T. M. Nagpur University, Nagpur

College Notices

Dr. R. G. Bhoyar ACS College, Seloo

Nagpur - Wardha Highway, Seloo
Maharashtra, India

Tel. No. : 071552201136

Academic Session: 2022-23

Student Grievance Form

Students Grievance & Redressal Cell

As per the rules and regulations by UGC for the students . A Grievances Redressal Committee has been constituted in college. The Studentsí Grievance Cell is constituted for the redressal of the problems reported by the students of the College.  This committee will deal with all the grievances of college students directly which are related to the problems both academic and administrative nature. The committee will deals with all genuine grievances of students of the college. 

Objectives of the Cell :

1. To maintain healthy, secure and harmonious educational environment among the students and to maintain conflict free atmosphere in the College promoting good Student-Student relationship and Student-teacher relationship.

2. To encourage the students to express their problems / grievances frankly and freely and without any fear.

3. To  resolve various personal and educational grievances of students and other stake holders.

Procedure for lodging complaint:
1. Suggestion or complaint box is placed outside the Principalís office in which the students, who want to remain anonymous, put in writing their grievances.     
2. Students who want to register complaint may contact the co-ordinator or any Member of Grievance redressal cell and should submit the complaints in written.    
3. The student can lodge their complaint through online mechanism in the link provided on college Website.

Post Your Complaint by Filling This Form: 

Dr. R. G. Bhoyar Arts, Comm. & Sci. College, Seloo (Vidyabharti College)

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